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About Us

I'm originally from New Zealand.  Born and bred in Havelock North (small town in the North Island).
* 1985 Apprenticeship in Engineering (9000 hours + correspondence study & exams).  Trade Certificate.
* Went to England.  Helped build large cement silos & pipes at sea ports.
* Came back and did Advanced Trade Certificate (another 4000 hours + correspondence study & exams...).
* Kept studying nights & weekends after work, and completed an Associates Degree in Engineering.
* 1993 moved to Wellington to work for Mobil Oil as a Design Draftsman.  Big tanks, pipes, & valves.
* More study & exams after work resulted in a Post Graduate Diploma of Technology Management.
* 1998 left the paycheck and opened a Property Management & Maintenance business.
* 2005 sold my New Zealand business and moved to Florida.
* Bought a home in Manatee County, FL & started New Zealand Irrigation LLC.

New Zealand Irrigation LLC is family owned and operated in Manatee County, FL.  We work hard to look after you.

We care most about having happy customers who want to stay with us - and tell others about us.

Have an issue?  Please Contact Us!  Sometimes things don't go they way they should - but we will put it right.
After all - it's the putting right that counts!

References are available upon request.

David Payne
Typical rural Havelock North road
State Highway 2
Havelock North to Wellington
Wellington - capital city
Home to The Hobbit & Lord of the Rings
New Zealand lawn mowers
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